This series was originally a spin-off blog, which was hosted on Posterous. When Twitter acquired Posterous, it became clear that there was little long-term commitment to continue Posterous Spaces. So, instead of finding a new home for the spin-off blog, it was decided that all existing and future (Bad) Cover Version posts would be hosted on OM&F from 13 March 2012.


As you may have noticed, there’s a series on the blog and it does what is says on the tin: it’s a series about cover versions. Some covers are bad, others are fairly average and there are even some versions that are worth listening to. This is why the title of the blog is bracketed – simply because there may be merits with a cover that sounds bad or flaws with a version that seems okay.

Some covers will be competently produced and performed, despite being bland or sounding exactly like the original. There will be others, though, that may not have the required flair or polish, but do something different to stand out and have a little sparkle to them.

A good cover, therefore, not only has to sound good, but it also has to put a fresh slant on the song. In order to provide balance to proceedings, a wide variety of covers, with regards to quality and genre, will be analysed on a regular basis.

The obvious and infamous covers that linger in your memory will be ignored, though; b-sides and album tracks will be favoured instead. This is in addition to performances on television programmes, the flops and minor hit singles, and tracks on compilation albums and soundtracks. Hopefully, you will find this series informative and discover something new. And, if you enjoy it, that’s even better.

The posts so far

#1: ‘Back in the USSR‘ by Su Pollard (1984)

#2. ‘Pop Muzik‘ by Fuzzbox (2010)

#3: ‘The Times They Are A-Changin‘ by Phil Collins (1996)

#4: ‘Movin on Up‘ by Edwin Starr (1995)

#5: ‘Rupert the Bear‘ by Lush (1993)

#6: ‘Saturday Night at the Movies‘ by Russ Abbot (1990)

#7: ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice‘ by Cheryl Baker (1987)

#8. ‘H.A.P.P.Y. Radio‘ by Michaela (1989)

#9: ‘J’aime la vie’ by Telex (2006)

#10: ‘Anarchy in the UK‘ by Frazier Chorus (1989)

#11: ‘Kumbaya’ by The New London Boys (1995)

#12: ‘I Know What Boys Like’ by Shampoo (1996)

#13: ‘Agadoo’ by Chumbawamba (1992)

#14: ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Frank Bruno (1995)

#15: ‘Teenage Kicks’ by Crush (1996)

#16: ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ by Metal Mickey (1983)

#17: ‘Connection’ by Collapsed Lung (1995)

#18: ‘Simon Says‘ by Peter Simon (1990)


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